We believe that good wine is the result of a combination of good ‘terroir’, the proper tools and a talented winemaker. The 19th century cellars of Chateau Canet, have seen many changes over the past decade as viticultural techniques evolve. Our goal is to create the very best wine, taking the fullest advantage of our “terroir” and the knowledge and techniques available to us.
Our cellars have the capacity to house up to 10,000 hectolitres of wine, between concrete vats, stainless steel tanks and oak barrels. All the vats and tanks are thermo-regulated in order to control the temperature before, during and after the fermentation. This allows us to create the perfect structure and balance between body and fruit in our wines.

The location of the Canet winery at the heart of the domaine surrounded by the vineyards, offers a huge advantage to the wine making process at harvest time. Once harvested the grapes are delivered immediately to the cellar for pressing in perfect condition avoiding lengthy transportation over bumpy vineyard roads.

When the grapes arrive at the winery we use a cold maceration or skin contact maceration technique prior to vinification, allowing the grapes to “stew” without fermenting at a low temperature. In this way we are able to extract a lot more of the juicy fruit and create great structure and body in the wine, without harsh and often bitter tannins. During the fermentation that follows we monitor our wine closely to ensure that the transformation of sugar into alcohol goes smoothly. We steer when necessary but otherwise we let nature run its course.

Once the fermentation is finished, we mature our wines using a combination of both stainless steel tanks and oak barrels. For example, we vinify and mature 25% of our Chardonnay in new oak barrels from Burgundy, and the balance in stainless steel tanks. Eight months later the two parts are blended, providing the perfect balance between the complex oak aromas and the pure mineral style of the “terroir” which is preserved in stainless steel tanks.

We also we mature some our red wines 100% on oak, using barrels of different ages and from different regions of France. In general we use the barrels for 3 successive years allowing us to add a good balance of oak and complexity to the wines. For example 30% of our cuvee ‘Les Evangiles’ is matured in new oak, 40% in one year old barrels and 30% in 2 year old barrels.

The final step in bringing our wines to you is the bottling, which happens in the cellar at the Chateau a year or so after the harvest.