The 3 hectares of olive groves are made up of a number of different olives, including the very local varietals of Lucques; a bright green moon-shaped olive unique to the Lanquedoc Roussillon and Picholine; a smaller almond shaped olive that is used for both olive oil as well as table olives.

The olive groves were planted in 1995 and are now just coming into their prime of their olive producing life. Like our vineyards, the olive groves are managed following the guidelines of “Terra Vitis” or sustainable agriculture; thus limiting the use of chemicals and replacing them with more environmentally friendly methods such as ploughing the land to control weeds.

Traditionally the olives are harvested towards the end of November when they ripen and turn black. The olives are pressed within 24 hours to ensure that we obtain the classification of extra virgin olive oil. This cold pressed olive oil is the highest quality level with very low acidity and bitterness.

After the oil is extracted in the centrifuge it is left to settle for 2 to 3 month. Then in the beginning of February it is bottled without filtering.

The Chateau Canet olive oil has a smooth and buttery structure with luscious aromas of almonds, dried fruits and a hint of citrus. It is tasty over a salad or with some poultry but best with a chunk of fresh bread, some ‘fleur de sel’ and a glass of Minervois ‘les Evangiles’.