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Our Vineyard

Our motto is a good wine starts with good grapes. As such we take great care to tend to the vineyards and surrounding eco systems following our own sustainability mandate as described below.

Our 115-hectare family estate, in the Minervois region of the Languedoc, is nestled against the” Balcons de l’Aude”, a stone’s throw from the medieval town of Carcassonne.

This terroir, rich in limestone and clay, benefits from a Mediterranean climate, which is ideal for winegrowing. It also benefits from the particularity of the influence of two very different winds, the “Cers”, a cool wind coming from the Atlantic and the “Marin”, a warm wind coming from the Mediterranean. This double climate makes it possible for us to produce fresh and elegant white wines and rich and fruity red wines.

Our principles


When we talk about sustainability, we try to think holistically and look not only at the vineyard but also at everything that relates to our business. 3 pillars anchor our sustainability principles, these are :
eco friendly, carbon friendly and social responsibility.

We adhere to and actively develop our sustainability practices in these 3 areas. For some we have certifications or partnerships, for others we have developed our own charter.

Our aim is to be ecologically responsible in the vineyard, in the cellar, in the choice of dry materials for bottling and managing the safety of our team.

Since 2003, we have been following the ecological specifications of “Terra Vitis” and have recently been certified HVE level 3 (the highest certification by the French state). At the same time, we go one step further with techniques such as “Sexual Confusion”: the use of biological pheromones to control destructive moths, instead of treating them with neurotoxic pesticides.

50% of the carbon footprint of a bottle of Château Canet comes from packaging, 27% is emitted in the vineyards and the remaining 23% in the cellar.

To neutralize the greenhouse gas emissions associated with a bottle of Chateau Canet (700g CO²), we work with sustainable reforestation companies and plant trees around the world.

Social responsibility is part of our core values: the health and safety of our team, consumers and suppliers, equal opportunities, sustainable governance or responsible sourcing. Inspired by B-Corp, CSR and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN), we have developed our internal Corporate Social Responsibility Charter.

Our cellar

Blending our ‘savoir faire’

We are convinced that good wines are the result of these three factors: a beautiful terroir, the best technical equipment and the winemakers’ expertise.

After carefully tending to the grapes in the vineyards, it is in the cellar that the real magic takes place and our traditional Languedocienne cellar has been completely renovated and equipped with the latest vinification techniques.

For example, to limit the addition of sulfites we produce our own nitrogen, allowing us to inert the vats and bottles. Château Canet was also the first estate in France to use “WineGrenade”, nanotechnology imported from New Zealand for the maturing of the wines.

Every year presents new challenges, and we perpetually question ourselves and our methods to ensure we extract the best from our grapes. It is a never-ending story and makes our job interesting, varied and exciting.

Our quest is to continue to produce great quality wines thanks to the combination of our beautiful terroir, technical innovations and the talent of our oenologists.

And thank you to our local photographers, for beautiful shots of our Domaine all year round…